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When cashflow pressures are too great for a business then it is increasingly likely that a formal insolvency mechanism such as administration or a creditors voluntary liquidation  will become necessary. This can help to reduce personal liability of the company directors if they have acted reasonably. KSA Group can advise directors, secured lenders and creditors how to protect their position by the appointment of administrators or liquidators.

KSA Group will always exhaust the informal or turnaround options first before recommending the other options available. We are very well known for informal work, restructuring and CVA options. Although CVA is a formal insolvency tool it is less onerous on the business than the other options like pre-pack administration or administration.

So, ask KSA Group to look at your client or customer’s position, sometimes we can see the wood for the trees and assist companies to restructure. Other times, director and officers have simply become too exhausted to drive a rescue or recovery.

If the rescue options are not suitable, our team of licensed insolvency practitioners can quickly put the business into administration or liquidation to seek a sale, or recovery for creditors.

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Please note that EVERY new client receives online/ telephone advice followed by a free face to face meeting. We follow this up with our unique Solutions Report, which sets out all available options, all objectives, legal advice and the appropriate strategy. So directors, lenders or investors have nothing to lose by asking KSA experts to visit a problem client.

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