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Our team of professionals at KSA Group are all passionate about saving viable businesses and giving the best possible advice to directors, creditors and stakeholders in any insolvency situation. Many of our team have had direct personal experience of business distress and have felt that there are better ways to advise all those involved. Our team is headed up by Keith Steven, the managing director, Iain Campbell, the operations director, and our 2 licensed insolvency practitioners; Wayne Harrison and Eric Walls.

Our corporate advisors have many years of experience of talking to and negotiating with creditors, including banks and HMRC. The regional managers have all held senior positions in companies and know how to help businesses in distress.

Our ethos

Through our website we provide high quality, easy to understand advice on turnaround and insolvency problems. Supported by trained advisors who can explain what solutions are available. We pride ourselves in giving the right advice for the situation, and if that means we cannot help prospective clients we will say so.

Working alongside your board we can implement recovery and turnaround plans for companies large and small. With over 400 companies rescued using CVAs, this fantastically powerful technique, we are the UK’s leading experts in company voluntary arrangements (CVA). We can also use the power of a de facto CVA; this is where we do the “work of a CVA” to then negotiate time to pay deals with major creditors and or stand still arrangements on bank debts. There is no formal CVA filed in Court, but the fact that licensed insolvency people are putting forward workable restructuring plans, based on our assessment of the financial position, and detailed financial forecast that WE prepare is a powerful argument in support.

KSA Group are corporate recovery experts and Licensed Insolvency Practitioners with offices in the City of London,  Edinburgh and Gateshead

Our aims

KSA Group is particularly keen to promote the use of rescue tools in insolvency as opposed to burial! Many people do not understand that the first aim of administration is rescue and that a company voluntary arrangement is a rescue tool that does work if done properly.

  • To give the right advice to all concerned
  • Be fast to act to prevent further problems
  • Build a working relationship with lenders and professionals

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