KSA Group is a national turnaround and restructuring firm.

Corporate Advice

KSA Group explores all options and provides advice on how a distressed business and its stakeholders can improve their financial position.


Whether you need to refinance, replace bank facilities or secure invoice finance, we can help. Our team can arrange a replacement funder in 2-3 days if required.


Our professional team liaises with stakeholders on all insolvency procedures and ensures the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Lender Services

We can help lenders by assessing the viability of businesses, using advanced financial forecasting techniques and advising on complex restructuring issues.

About us

As a firm of insolvency practitioners, we can help if you are a worried director or a professional advisor to a distressed company – call us on 0800 9700539 or 07833240747. We can then arrange a free meeting and full written report setting out the options alongside our recommended strategy. There is no fee involved until a formal engagement letter is approved by directors.

We specialise in business rescue and to that end we are the authors of companyrescue.co.uk, the largest online resource for distressed company directors, creditors and employees in the world. Over 1,000 pages of free information, guides and toolkits are viewed by more than 1,000 companies every day.

Our Offices

Our insolvency team and group of regional directors are based across the UK, with offices in some of the biggest cities, including London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Our network of offices manages and liaises with creditors, stakeholders and professionals involved in all types of insolvency cases.

99 Bishopsgate,

0207 887 2667

7 & 8 The Chandlery, Quayside,
Berwick Upon Tweed
TD15 1HE

01289 309 431

Gateshead and Newcastle
C12 Marquis Court,
Team Valley,
NE11 0RU
0191 482 3343

2 Snow Hill
B4 6GA

0121 378 0671

Chancery Place
50 Brown Street
M2 2JG
0161 956 8671

66 Albion Road

0131 242 0081


Many stakeholders are worried about the impact of insolvency on their business interests and what the risks are for restructuring an insolvent business. Sometimes people ask us for real case studies to try and learn more about us and our methods, typically they want to read real life turnaround stories to bolster their decision making process.

Perhaps you will learn from both the successful and not so successful studies that there are many reasons why a company can become insolvent. With appropriate advice and help there are also many options available to get out of that situation. It requires quality advisors, good planning, hard work, realism and determination of management to succeed.

If you want to discuss any of the issues described in the cases please call
Iain Campbell or Keith Steven on 0800 9700 539.

These real life insolvency case studies are based on businesses like yours. In many cases we can put you in touch with the directors involved as they’re happy to be referees.

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Insolvency Toolkit

As a professional advisor you will receive our unique Insolvency Toolkit USB stick.
This has over 100 pages of guides on how to rescue companies. It helps you find a solution for your clients.

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