KSA Group is a progressive turnaround and restructuring firm.

If you are a worried director or a professional advisor to a distressed company call us on 0800 9700539 or 07833240747. We can then arrange a free meeting and full written report setting out the options alongside our recommended strategy. There is no fee involved until a formal engagement letter is approved by directors.

We specialise in business rescue and to that end we are the authors of companyrescue.co.uk , the largest online resource for distressed company directors, creditors and employees in the world. Over 1,000 pages of free information, guides and toolkits are viewed by more than 1,000 companies every day.

Our expert team have extensive knowledge of all the possible options a distressed business has to consider. We work with directors, investors, lenders, shareholders and professional bodies while delivering innovative solutions that enable businesses to realise maximum value for the benefit of all stakeholders.

For businesses in financial trouble, it is often possible to restructure and reorganise debts by consensual negotiation coupled with an injection of alternative forms of finance or the sale of assets. If this “diet and exercise” approach doesn’t work then we, as licensed insolvency practitioners, can move to the surgery stage of CVA, administration or the closure of the company through liquidation.

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Corporate Recovery

Corporate recovery is what we are passionate about with a "let's try and rescue first" attitude. We understand that financial difficulties can bring a great deal of emotional turmoil for those involved so we always act with sympathy and understanding. We always try to ensure the business has the best chance of continuing to trade and go on to become successful.

How we can help

Many need assistance in specific areas of operation – financial reporting, sales and marketing, HR, production, general management, strategic planning and corporate governance. With our growing team of turnaround specialists covering the UK, we can deliver hands on support within a day of instruction.

What our experience has taught us

Very few directors and managers set out to manage insolvent businesses. Whilst this is an obvious statement, it is important to stress. Therefore, few SMEs have all of the necessary skills in all levels of the management of the business to cope with the huge burden that insolvency can place on a company.

It is also apparent in most distressed companies that we visit that the management expend a large proportion of their available time on ‘fighting fires’. Re-focus on their specific management roles and delivery of performance targets are rarely achieved, when poor cashflow is constantly the main issue each day. Bring in an experienced KSA turnaround expert early enough and insolvency may be avoided.

We explore ALL of the options

In our view too many insolvency practitioners leap to the pre pack or administration conclusion, without much thought to the avoidance of formal insolvency procedures. Increasingly we are seeing Plan "A" as a powerful rescue tool. By assessing the financial position, the business issues, setting out a turnaround plan and then comparing that to the CVA or administration options, we can persuade banks, trade creditors and HMRC that 100p in £1 over say 6-18 months is preferable to a formal (where the Court is involved) process that will inevitably compromise their debts.

If creditors reject this informal time to pay deal then we can very quickly move to Plan "B" which is a company voluntary arrangement (CVA). For Plan "A" we have done most of the preparatory assessments and built a statement of affairs, sensitised financial forecasts, and set out a recovery programme
Keith Steven talks about turnaround and CVAs with the Telegraph. Read the article "A solution to insolvency"

Capital & Finance Services

Almost all businesses need to go through periodic refinancing exercises, whether replacing bank facilities, renewing overdrafts, obtaining bank term loans, EFG loan guarantees scheme loans, factoring/ invoice discounting or capital expenditure requirements. Raising working capital is an important plank in any restructuring plan.

Where a company has encountered a significant downturn event or is under pressure, the relationships with funders can be strained or breaking down. As the current market for business changes and evolves almost daily, the ability to source new working capital facilities is quite limited in 2014. KSA Group has helped companies raise working capital for many years and have strong connections with all types of financiers and private investors who are not afraid of CVAs or insolvency. Cheswick Capital can provide turnaround finance if required

Our contacts have the ability to move quickly where a company's relationship with its funders have been strained or broken down. We can arrange a replacement funder in 2-3 days if required. This exits a bank from a company it no longer wishes to work with and provides relief for distressed directors. We work with 5 private equity funds who can lift out existing banks with lends of up to £100m. Coupled with what we call Plan "A" or informal debt restructure with HMRC and major creditors this can be a powerful way to AVOID insolvency techniques such as pre-pack administration.

Insolvency Services

When the pressures are too great for a business then it is increasingly likely that a terminal insolvency mechanism such as a creditors voluntary liquidation is necessary. This can help to reduce personal liability of the company directors if they have acted reasonably. KSA Group can advise secured lenders how to protect their position by the use of administrators.

Lender Services

KSA Group can help lenders by assessing the viability of a business to which they want to lend. Using advanced financial forecasting techniques we can assess when a business is suffering difficulties and ensure that the lender has adequate support to recover any monies owed. The forecasting unit is headed up by our financial director Andrew Hunter.

KSA Group can carry out viability reviews and advise on more complex restructuring issues, even fraud investigations. We have established contacts with professionals in the UK finance market and are in touch with all the latest developments in this rapidly changing industry.

KSA Group News

KSA Group opens new office in Manchester. Amanda Eckersley is the new Regional Manager for the Greater Manchester Area

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The London team have now officially moved into 99 Bishopsgate! The new London number is 0207 887 2667

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KSA Group are sponsoring the next TMA seminar in Nottingham in 2013 called Advising the advisors. To attend the seminar on the 19th March in Nottingham please visit the event page. Remember the event is free to guests of KSA Group and CPD points are available.

KSA Group partner with the Russam Business Network that brings together entrepreneurs and interim managers.

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KSA Group saves 1760 jobs by rescuing companies using CVAs in last 18 months.

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