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Professional Toolkit

We will protect your fee income, or your investments, with your own insolvency and turnaround expert on tap! Help your clients survive the recession!

Does it make you mad when a client comes to you with a cashflow crisis and the usual result is they go into liquidation? What if you could offer high quality turnaround and insolvency advice? Would you prefer to KEEP your client and earn from them in future or see them liquidated?

As a professional advisor you will receive our unique Insolvency Toolkit USB stick. This has over 100 pages of guides on how to rescue companies. It helps you find a solution for your clients. Also you can have,  for FREE, all the items that are currently in our shop.

  • Dissolution Programme (all the forms and letters needed)
  • Time to Pay letter Templates and Guides
  • Free daily cashflow tools.

Same day service for professional advisors, investors, private equity advisors or directors.

Ever wanted your “own in-house turnaround and insolvency advisor”? Want a discreet, accurate service that gives you answers when you need them – i.e. right after a client phones to say they have a cashflow CRISIS!

  • We could save your clients with leading rescue techniques
  • We could protect your outstanding and future fee income.
  • If you are a private equity investor we could help you save investments you might have made!
  • 7 days a week online or telephone!
  • No costs or fees for you – EVER!!
  • Present professional solutions and options to your clients when they need it most! Great quality PR for your firm!
  • Quality advice supported by full professional indemnity insurance
  • Backed by CompanyRescue the UK’s leading web enabled service
  • KSA Group employs UK rescue experts, chartered accountants and insolvency lawyers – so you don’t have to!
  • KSA does not do tax, audit or general accountancy work – we will NOT be your competition

Clearly, when you have a specific cashflow or insolvency problem that you need to deal with, you may ask your friendly local insolvency practitioner to look at the problem. But will the client survive their advice?

Otherwise most people find that there are few places to get QUICK and ACCURATE ANSWERS that don’t involved BURYING the client!

Of course we understand that you generally won’t want to incur fees hunting around for solutions when the client might fail. Use our service and you can deliver answers quickly, without cost AND RISK to your firm.

Imagine being able to give quality advice and options to your clients, supported by case law (where appropriate), authoritative case studies and printed guides from our Turnaround and insolvency experts.

What is the cost of this dedicated service?

We simply ask you to email us your details so we can provide the service to you as you need it.

So what’s the catch?

We will send you a bi-monthly newsletter by email and you can then access our services at any time. That’s it!

You can have your own expert online ready to provide information, just when you need it by email or phone.

Simply subscribe with your email address, business name and telephone number today at or call 0800 9700539 now.

Remember, it’s much more difficult to secure a new client than it is to help save an existing one!

Insolvency Toolkit